We start young horses and ponies and provide their early education. We encourage owners to be involved in the education process. Watch and learn the methods as your horse progresses and then you'll be confident to continue along the same lines when you get your equine home.

schooling & training services

Buying a Horse

Do not have the confidence to view your purchase or want a second opinion? We are happy to evaluate the potential horses you are looking at buying.

Equine WOF

We also offer an evaluation of horses/ponies prior to the show season - identifying areas that need work. Horses and ponies can then be sent to us for fine tuning and to sort out any problems or simply for some training to get ready for the season ahead.

Working Pupil Opportunities

Are you looking to gain valuable work experience to get your career with horses started? We sometimes have working pupil vacancies for the right person. The individual needs to be keen, hardworking and have a passion for horses. In turn they will receive training and riding, horsemanship, stable management and everything to do with horse management. Live in or out this is an ideal opportunity to get valuable work experience and training without the huge fees.